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Times have changed when it comes to SEO success. There are no longer any short cuts to first page results. With the correct techniques however, along with hard work and experience, results can still be achieved very quickly.

Bizlaunch has helped a myriad of sites climb up the rankings and, most importantly, stay there! We pride ourselves on our 100% record for first page results achieved with our client's websites.

There is no reason to over complicate SEO as it is actually quite a simple process that principally involves time, effort and forward thinking to achieve the best results. Our team of researchers are consistently ahead of the curve, coming up with new and intuitive ideas to keep your SEO fresh, exciting and alive, whilst adhering to all of Google's strict guidelines.

We have achieved some fantastic results for our clients both locally and internationally; in some cases, achieving complete domination of their industry with their online presence and visibility. One of our most recent clients is a new and exciting business called 'Things To Do In' who are already receiving interest from TV and National Media, including an upcoming appearance on Dragon’s Den. With the help of our team at Bizlaunch, 'Things To Do In' now enjoy complete coverage of their chosen areas online with first page results for over 50 different competitive key phrases.

We start by carrying out a FREE audit of your website and its online presence. This can be completed by our team within 24 hours, quickly giving us a complete insight into your website's structure, linking, visibility and usability online. We will then send you this report so that you can either try to correct any issues yourself or alternatively, allow us to correct any errors or issues with your site and its link structure. A typical report can be up to 60 pages long, detailing every possible item relating to your online presence. The report will also provide a competitor analysis givingyou information on their rankings against your own site and also detailing where they advertise online themselves.

Once we have resolved and corrected the initial issues with your website, we will then work to push your site up the rankings by using a combination of on-page SEO, combined with off-page SEO such as 'relative' link building, article publishing and much more. This will give your site the greatest possible chance of achieving the highest results in all the major search engines.

Each month you are sent a full report, which will be linked to your Google analytics and social media accounts. This report will give a detailed analysis of your keywords and their positions in the top 3 major search engines. It also shows all information on your company’s social media activity and improvements.

You will receive:

  • Initial FREE web audit report.
  • On page SEO change and code adjustments to ensure 100% Google friendly.
  • Monthly off page SEO including safe link building.
  • Enrolment of your website on some of the UK's most used review sites.
  • Enlist your site on up to 20 initial local directory sites to increase traffic.
  • Design and set up your Google maps listing.
  • Build and design your Google Circles page.
  • A unique relevant back link from one the UK's fastest growing directory sites.
  • Your very own account manager to speak to 24/7.
  • Detailed monthly reports emailed to you showing the progress of your campaign.
  • Ongoing support.


Paid Search

As a brief overview, Pay-Per-Click or PPC is a type of sponsored online advertising that is used on a wide range of websites, including search engines like Google and social media channels like Facebook, where you pay if a user clicks on your Ad. With the right strategy and optimisation, this can benefit your business as you only pay when a potential client clicks on your Ad. You have the ability to set your budget to control costs, and can reach your target consumer at the right time with the right message.

Keyword Search

This includes setting up a targeted AdWords campaign, utilising your main service areas i.e. emergency locksmith, locksmith. The aim is to make everything as targeted as possibleso as not to waste time and money on the more generic areas which are more competitive in your field and are likely to be more price competitive. This includes full keyword research and selection with negative keyword implementation to avoid spending money on irrelevant search terms. Engaging, split tested Ads targeted to performance, Ad extension setup and device level bidding strategy.

This would all be targeted to your specific geographic location.

PPC optimisation is an ongoing process, and one that we will need accurate data over time in order to make effective decisions to improve performance.

Our professional Google Partners will research your key phrases and set up your Google PPC account for you.

It is tempting to have a go at setting up your own PPC account following online instructions, but this can be somewhat of a minefield as if not executed properly and professionally by people who really understand the process (official Google Partners such as Bizlaunch), you could potentially waste thousands of pounds each year in wasted clicks.

We will ensure you get real value for money with Google along with quality leads from Day 1. We can manage your account for you each month (priced separately, please enquire).

You will receive:

  • A detailed report of recommended search terms and expected cost per click each month.
  • Assess your landing pages.
  • Set up your adverts for you.
  • Set up Ad groups structure.
  • Carry out competitor research.
  • Link to your Google analytics to enable accurate tracking.
  • Set up split testing adverts.
  • Give you £75 FREE spending credit if you are a new Google PPC customer.
  • Monthly management and reporting to get the most out of your cost per click (ROI).
  • Call tracking.
  • Ongoing support.
Call Tracking

Call tracking is an important tool. When a prospective client originates via a paid Ad, the number on the website will change so that if they call that number, a conversion is counted through the campaign. Again, this is essential so that optimisation decisions are made usingcorrect data – for example, if we are optimising out areas which are not performing, but not accurately tracking calls, we could be removing areas that actually perform well in terms of calls. As such,our approach is to make sure everything is being tracked appropriately so that we have the right tools to make campaign decisions.


Bizlaunch will write a professional 250-word blog for you each month and broadcast this nationally online using relevant blogging sites. This has proven to be great for social interaction, SEO and achieving better product/brand awareness exposure.

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Social media pack

What's Included


We will design and set up all your social media accounts and then link them to your website. This includes Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

As well as designing your pages, we will also write your content for company descriptions and contact details to get them up and running for you immediately.

Our designs are both informative and extremely eye-catching to ensure you leave a professional and memorable impression on your visitors.

We can even add hundredsof likes or followers to give your pages a boost, if required (pricedseparately).

Your pages will also be fully optimised for Google as standard.

You will receive:

  • Stunning page designs on all your social media accounts including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • Clickable contact button installed on your Facebook page.
  • Company descriptions and contact information completed upon set up.
  • Logo and company photos uploaded upon set up.
  • Your first Tweet and Facebook update completed for you.
  • Ongoing support.


The power of social media is often underrated. If it’s used in the wrong way it can be a waste of time for your business but as social media is accessed by millions of people each day, using it in the right way can get your business in front of as many of these potential clients as possible. Social interaction and engagement can also have a positive effect on SEO as search engines, such as Google, look at social engagement very favourably. It is surprising how many of your clients will check out your social media page prior to picking up the phone or emailing you. If they come across a page that has been inactive for a while, or doesn't look professional, it has the potential to drive them away.

Struggling to get more followers? Posting twenty times a day but never getting any comments, new followers or re-tweets? It’s time to trust a social media specialist. Bizlaunch has dedicated teams allocated to your account, headed by your own account manager, who are able to build, optimise and create the perfect social media pages and content for your business. This includes Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.

We will:

  • Create and design/update your social media landing pages.
  • Increase your followers and fans/likes.
  • Regularly add engaging and relevant content to your pages.
  • Help get your brand noticed by thousandsof new social media users.
  • Impelmore traffic to your site, increasing sales leads and return on investment.
  • Create a social buzz around your business.
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