Franchising Your Business

Once your small business grows and becomes more successful, a decision will have to be made with regards to growth. This could involve employing more people or moving to larger premises or could mean franchising your business to other areas, allowing other like-minded entrepreneurs to replicate your business success. There are many income opportunities available if you decide to take this route - you can ask for an initial fee for this licence along with either a set monthly charge or alternatively, a percentage of the franchisee’s revenue. We can advise you on the available options and help you with your decision.

Once you sell your first franchise, you will need to get them ready to trade with a working website,along withall the other start-up components including online marketing. Bizlaunch can help with this too.

Free health check

We will happily meet with you at a convenient time to review your existing business and advise whether it is a model we feel would work well as a franchise. This service is completely free and we will always give you our honest opinion.


We will design and create a brochure to send to your potential franchisees. This brochure needs to be informative, modern, and eye-catching, showcasing your business to its fullest potential and making it attractive to a prospective franchisee.

A client testimonial for an existing franchisee is the greatest form of advertising as people can see and hear firsthand how much a real person is accomplishing with an existing franchise.

The brochure will be around 10 pages and will include comprehensive information about the industry itself, your company’s background story, detailed images and a description of the fantastic opportunity on offer.

We use professional content writers to produce the brochure but your input is welcomed should you wish to supply some or all of the content yourself.

Testimonial video filmed and edited

The ideal scenario would be to have two testimonial videos; the first featuring the owner briefly taking about their business. This helps the prospective franchisee relate to the business and its owner, developing a sense of trust and empathy. The second video should feature an existing franchisee detailing how positive their experience has been so far and how successful they have been (this can be filmed once we have your first franchisee on board).

We can put everything together for you including filming using your chosen location, logo animated introduction, accompanying music and professional editing. We can even write and supply your script for the video too.

Advertising The Franchise

We will compose a professional advert that we know, from past experience, works. This will include written content, images, video/media content and a contact form. We place the advert on the largest business for sale and franchise websites in the UK.

As well as the advert, we will also devise a template email for you to use when contacting any potential franchisees. You would simply attach your new brochure to this email each time.

The advert will be uploaded for you and we will manage the whole process to ensure it is looking good and is in the best online position. You can waste hundreds and even thousands of pounds if you upload it in the wrong place for the year. We know exactly what works through tried and tested methods and we also have a very strong business relationship with the marketing manager of the leading business for sale and franchise websites in the country.

As well as everything else mentioned above, we willalso create a separate 'franchise' landing page for your website detailing all the information about the franchise offer (content/videos/images). It would be worthwhile sending this link to all your existing clients and social media followers as they are an excellent target market.

Territory Mapping

As part of our franchise service, we will help and support you in setting up your first exclusive territory for your potential franchisee. This process is extremely important and it's crucial to get it right from the outset. We will assist you in analysing a specific territory, examining various sectors such as population, households and businesses operating within the area. This will help you divide your areas fairly and evenly for each franchisee, giving each of them an equal opportunity to achieve success.

Recent Case Study – 2015 – Petscan

  • Set-up in under 4 weeks.
  • First franchise sale agreed in less than 6 weeks.
  • 7 franchises sold within the first 6 months.

Petscan is a dog microchipping company, specialising in chip insertion which enables pet owners to trace their dogs if lost or stolen.

The success of their existing model, based in Essex, led Petscan to approach Bizlaunch to discuss franchising their existing business.

Upon inspection, we immediately recognised that this business would be perfect to franchise.

Petscan had only been trading for 6 months when they approached Bizlaunch, so it was a real challenge for us to put something together that would convince new potential franchisees to come on board after such a short operating period.

However, after just 4 weeks, we had devised the complete package for Petscan and in the sixth week, Petscan made their first franchise sale.

Twelve months later, Petscan now has over seven more franchisees in the UK.

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