Web video creation and promotion services

Did you know that YouTube is the second most popular search engine, sitting just behind Google?

Do you have any kind of presence on this site with your business? If not, we can help you put together a professional short promotional video showcasing your business in all its glory. Visual media is much more interesting for web users, and is more effective than text alone.

We can film the video either at your place of business or in our own studio. We can work with your own staff, directing them in narration, or we can supply you with a professional narrator using your own scripts. We can even assist in writing your scripts for you, if required.

It takes just a couple of hours to film the footage, and a little more time to edit it once we get it back to our studio. You will be delighted with the results and feedback you receive.

We can also promote your video on your website, across social media and on our own directory sites to ensure it reaches asmany people as possible.

Customer testimonial videos are a great way to give your company’s website a very ‘real’ and trustworthy impression. We can put together some short videos for inclusion on your website.

Recent research now shows us that web videos are increasing sales and enquiries for businesses across the UK and worldwide. This is partly due to the fact that video footage helps to give the customer a real sense of the business. Research also shows that web users will spend more time watching a video rather than reading lengthy text content.

Product and portrait photography for websites and marketing material

Images and photographs of your products can make or break a sale. You will most probably have heard how websites such as Ebay constantly stress the importance of using a high quality, professional photo taken on a white, clean background in comparison to a low resolution image taken on a cluttered background. The same applies with your website and promotional material; you need to ensure you have high quality images using the correct lighting and taken at the best possible angle.

This philosophy alsoapplies to ‘LinkedIn’ portrait images and ‘meet the team’ photographs on your website. If these are of poor quality or inconsistent, it can portray your company as unprofessional – you’d be amazed what a difference professional, clear photographs and consistency throughout your branding makes to a prospective client.

We can offer a cost-effective solution by offering hourly sessions at our studio in Essex to photograph your products or staff members. Alternatively, we can come to you with our mobile equipment which includes white screens and professional lighting rigs and cameras.

Some Recent work

Livetel promo video

Bizlaunch testimonial video

Livetel testimonial video

Petscan franchisee video

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